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The Club Site

Many Sites have been investigated for the location of the Medowie Sports and Recreation Club as it was known in the early stages, including the proposed site adjacent to Ferodale Oval, vacant land near the Grahamstown Dam and near the Boyd Oval complex in Grey Gum St.

The Development Application (DA) has now been finalised and the Committee has chosen the Ferodale Road site (roughly opposite Thrifty-Link Hardware) as it’s preferred home.

The Ferodale site is the best because:

  • It is near sporting fields (AFL/Cricket, Netball and Soccer);

  • It is not in the immediate vicinity of large populations of people, yet central within the community;

  • Has minimal effect on downstream flooding;

  • The site is within the “Green Lung” Zone which forms part of Port Stephens Council’s plan for Medowie;

  • It is very close to the Central Business District

  • It does not need extensive or expensive earthworks

  • It does not need to have long lengths of pipe, telecommunications line etc to connect to services

The central location is ideal for community activities, committee meetings as well as use for social gatherings and functions

The red square's are only the approximate location - size is still being finalised through the design process, however the building will be much less than what is shown as the red square.

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