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Our Vision


Various committees over many years have worked tirelessly to come up with a solution to the community needs. Many formats and locations have been considered ......


Recently the club steering committee carried out a community survey and review of the club goals and future plans. The result was a number of revisions and changes in direction to meet community demands


The new name reflects the clubs intentions to be a hub for all of the Medowie community, not just sports related clubs. The intention for the club to be the centrepoint for many uses including ....


  • Disaster relief and meeting point

  • Permanent location for Medowie RSL and its community activities

  • Meeting point for senior citizen groups

  • Fundraising activities for all sporting and community groups

  • Facilities for hire for social occasions


Our intention as far as infrastructure in the short term is to deliver .....


  • a large meeting room, complete with multimedia facilities

  • modest kitchen,

  • bowling green and change facilities

  • Additional car parking to not only facilitate the club but provide overflow parking for both Ferodale & Yulong sports grounds










Important to us .....Our long term vision is to grow the facility to meet the community and sporting groups expectations...

leave your comments as to any ideas or improvements on our contact page

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